Lecturer in Bio 1103 Marine Algae Course (2022/2023)

Taught lectures and lab sessions on Red, Brown and green algae life cycles and cultivation to Undergraduate students


Arctic Training Short Course (ATSC) 2018

Team photo on the ribI was one of the tutors on the NERC Polar fieldwork Course, teaching the marine element of carrying out science in the polar regions. There were 9 PhD students from 6 different Universities across the UK. There was 4 days of theory based learning at The British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge and 9 days in the Norwegian Arctic, Svalbard utilising the NERC station at Ny Alesund. We had use of the NERC station rib (Polar Cirkel) and the Norwegian hard boat, The Teisten supplied through the Norwegian marinelab


Out on the Teisten

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