The Journey Begins

I am a self motivated, independent and conscientious marine scientist with extensive polar experience who works well, both independently, and within a team. My research interests are benthic biodiversity, physiology and ecology. I am a member of the Changing Arctic Oceans NERC funded Program (ChAOS) and have published a paper on the effect of sea ice loss in the Arctic on benthic marine ecosystems. I have worked as a field based marine biologist for The British Antarctic Survey for ten years, encompassing 6 summer and 4 winter seasons. During this time I participated as a full member of the dive team and was involved in not only leading scineitific dives, but also dive supervision and boat handling. I have 800 logged dives, of which 500 are in polar waters with a further 300 in temperate and tropical oceans. I have developed extensive skills and capabilities in both field and lab based marine biological research. I am well organized and an excellent communicator, with experience of working in the field in extreme environments as part of a small research team

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